Welcome to Limited Liability Company "Ulkannefteprodukt"




"Ulkannefteprodukt" puts before itself such tasks as the creation of new value, maintain business stability and provide shareholders with a high return on their investment based on the valuation of assets and cash dividends.



"Ulkannefteprodukt" is one of the largest Russian oil and gas companies for oil and gas, and their refining into petroleum products and petrochemicals. The company is a leader on Russian and international markets in its core business.




Our goal is to use natural energy resources for human benefit. We strive to maintain long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the regions where we operate, and concern about the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.

"Ulkannefteprodukt" is one of the major Russia oil and gas companies that engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of the Russia oil and gas and have many years of operational experience in the Russia oil and gas industry. While having the full production cycle, the Company exercises full operation over the whole production chain — from oil and gas production to petroleum product sales.


"Ulkannefteprodukt" main aims to exports to markets in Europe and Asia countries. Jet fuel is directed to the domestic market and also for export. Low viscosity marine fuel will be used for bunkering vessels in Russian ports, diesel fuel - partly exported. Fuel oil, coke and petrochemical mixtures also go for export and domestic market.


"Ulkannefteprodukt" has an outstanding portfolio of production assets. The main production region for "Ulkannefteprodukt" is Western Siberia. 


Our principal operating areas are concentrated in the Irkutsk Region in Western Siberia. The Irkutsk Region is the most significant oil and gas producing region in Russia, accounting for approximately 80% of Russia’s natural gas production and approximately 16% of global gas production.